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About us


N.A. Group is an influential promising company with innovative ideas.

It is a member of the working group on the formation of legislation in the field of cryptocurrencies and a member of VAFC (All-Ukrainian Association of Financial Companies).

All the company’s projects are adapted to work with any payment system (such as EasyPay), have the introduction of identification and full verification of counterparties (AML / KYC). Direct connection to UBKI, BankID NBU and others.

In addition, the products have an adaptive design and a user-friendly software interface for users and customers.

Goals and values

Create useful high-tech products that are at the crossroads of present and future in the world’s financial markets.


We value people who want to be the best. We unite in a team of persistent and highly effective


Daily improvement is the key to success, so we are constantly learning and using the latest solutions


We are focused on the result. Everything we do brings financial success and growth to our colleagues and partners

Our products

We create the best technological products in the financial markets
“Standard” loan – short-term loans

PDL. Quick customer registration, convenient calculator and personal account with easy management and the ability to repay the loan almost instantly

“Taksa” loan – long-term loans (annuity)

Loan in installments. In-depth scoring, speed of decision-making, detailed payment in a friendly design and accelerated payment of significant amounts with the possibility of long-term use.


N.A. Group in numbers

Users of products
Money circulation, uah million
A team of professionals
Aggregate experience, years


We have assembled a team of some of the best professionals, with a combined experience of over 630 years. And the circle of communication allows to involve in case of need more than 100 people who are capable to realize projects of any complexity.
Natalia Shchurikova
Natalia Shchurikova Co – owner | Managing partner
> 12 years of experience in advocacy.
Victoria Ilchenko
Victoria Ilchenko Co – owner | Managing partner
> 15 years of management experience in various fields.
Mykhailo Ivashchenko
Mykhailo Ivashchenko Co-owner / IT director
> 20 years of experience in the IT industry
Andriy Ditkovsky
Andriy Ditkovsky Director
> 15 years of experience in legal protection of business.

Choice of country

Choice of country

As a result of URSA method research (Ukrainian Rating System of Awards) among companies operating in Ukraine, according to financial indicators FinScore and MarketScore, the company was officially awarded the “Choice of the Country” status in 2021.

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There are things we are experts at

Over the years, our experts have gained experience and now we are all in one team, ready for new challenges and bold projects.
We know almost everything about finance, created a successful financial company “N.A.Group”, which is in the TOP-10 microfinance companies.
Legal protection
All our projects have strong legal protection and fully meet the requirements of current legislation of Ukraine.
Having its own staff of developers, the company independently develops all the software for its own financial products. Therefore, we can say with confidence that the Financial Company "N.A. Group" is a FinTech company.
Marketing & Advertising
The Marketing and Advertising Department focuses exclusively on performance strategy, which allows you to attract customers at a minimum cost per ice.

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