Choice of Country 2021 National Award Winner

Choice of Country 2021 National Award Winner

Financial Company N.A.GROUP LLC has become a winner of Choice of Country National Award with online PDL service CreditBox.

CreditBox is an innovative IT project that is at the very edge of financial services market development. It provides millions of Ukrainians with access to a convenient and reliable toolset to support personal and family budgets. PDL loans allow everyone quickly close ‘cash gaps’ that occasionally occur to any consumer, or make unplanned urgent expenses. And annuity scheme loans (Instalment payments) help financing longer (planned as a rule) expenditures, e.g. repairs, training, medical rehabilitation and treatment, purchase of expensive household appliances and other machinery and equipment.

The innovative service, built on a modern IT platform, allows customers to apply for and obtain a loan online quickly and securely to the card of any Ukrainian bank. The service, pretty simple as at first glance, is fully based on knowledge, experience and years of inspired work of FC N.A.GROUP team.

The relatively young service quickly appeared to be fast-paced player of highly competitive PDL market, which led to nomination of FC N.A.GROUP for Choice of Country 2021 National Award as one of the most promising companies in this financial market segment.

Choice of Country 2021 National Award Winner

Only one winner per market segment is given Choice of Country Award in Ukraine. The evaluation is based on the performance analysis of the company for the last year. The research is conducted by VYBIR KRAYINY LLC and involved experts. They use 49 open sources of information on Ukrainian markets and companies. The analysis and segmentation is carried out mathematically on the basis of URSA-50 proprietary methodology. The assessment takes into account profitability, profit growth rates, financial stability and the company’s market position. FinScore and MarketScore calculations developed by YouControl are also used.

According to the results of the nomination, FC NAGRUP LLC became a laureate of the National Award “Choice of the Country-2021”, and on November 19, 2021, the team received diplomas and a certificate of expert evaluation “Choice of the Country”. The award notification was published on December 14, 2021 at official website “Choice of the Country” and performed by Vibyr Kraina LLC.

Stated by Mykhailo Ivashchenko, Managing Partner and CTO of FC N.A.GROUP, the advantages of CreditBox not only include user-friendly interfaces and prompt processing, but more over two-level scoring, which provides NPL metric one of the lowest on the market. Lower levels of defaults in the credit portfolio pays higher sustainability of the company. And the processing makes no hitches for bona fide clients.

Managing Partner Victoria Ilchenko explains that the company does not focus exclusively on the gross growth of the portfolio and customer base, giving a balanced priority to portfolio quality, ensuring the stability and reliability of the company. It is important for holders of bonds issued by FC N.A.GROUP LLC, surely backgrounded by rapid but controlled growth of the company.

Andriy Ditkovsky, CEO, emphasizes the complexity of CreditBox project, which is based on a sophisticated symbiosis of IT, financial, managerial and legal expertise of the team.

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